“Have been coming here for the past 6 weeks as have had problems with my foot having plantar fasciitis. Rachael has worked wonders with acupuncture and electro acupuncture. Highly recommended 5 stars. You won’t be disappointed with the service.”


“Having been several times for chronic back pain and sciatic, I can say first hand how much my treatment from Rachael has helped to ease the discomfort and nuance I get from a historic herniated disc. I have always had a slight phobia of needles, but Rachael has put my worries at ease and now I see there is nothing to be scared of and that it was the unknown that caused my previous anxiety. Rachael constructed a thorough consultation and together we have devised a plan on how my treatments should follow. During my sessions she talks me through what and why she is targeting certain areas and the benefits. Acupuncture is not a one off instant treatment, but long term the benefits do develop. Sometimes it will take a couple of days after my treatment I feel the beneficial effects but I am amazed how much it has helped me and allowed me to ease off my medication. So, if you are looking for a holistic and well thought out practice, then I could not recommend Rachael enough!”


“A very professional friendly service from Rachael, she is clearly experienced in her speciality of Chinese acupuncture. Rachael was able to identify the my specific problem area, around my shoulder, extremely quickly. Following the first treatment, my shoulder has been much better, I would go as far as to say it was 80% better, bearing in mind this issue has been on going for over 14 years following a unsuccessful surgery, this has caused me an immense amount of pain and discomfort on a daily basis, I am not suggesting this 1 treatment has healed my issue totally, however I finally have hope, I might have found the answer to this chronic pain issue. Anyone who has, or does have any form of chronic pain, knows how debilitating it can be. I have been to several physiotherapists, chiropractors and other health professionals over the years, in pursuit of sorting this long term issue out. On a personal level, I felt very comfortable and at ease during this therapy. I would highly recommend this professional Chinese Acupuncture service.” Mark

“I’ve been going to Acu-Balance around 2 months. The results have been amazing. My migraines have reduced from 20 a month to around 5. Racheal has been a God send. I recommend this for anyone with severe pain and stress”


“Having just completed a 10 week course of COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE at BUDDHA THERAPIES I felt compelled to write this review. I chose this treatment because I wanted a more natural/holistic alternative to anti ageing treatments having used Botox for some years. This treatment has exceeded all my expectations my face is glowing, revitalised and almost brand new. I was suffering with dullness, open pores, breakouts during certain times of the month, and of course the inevitable wrinkles which appeared to becoming fast and furious due to Botox abuse. All this was attentively listened to and actioned by the amazing, friendly, most highly professional Therapist Rachael, whom fine tuned my treatment week by week to treat any symptoms I was experiencing. I am a complete convert and have now incorporated this treatment into my well being regime. Thank you for bringing my face back to Life.”


“I found Rachael by searching the internet because, I had an Achilles tendon injury that I had struggled with for more than 7 years. Nothing I tried eased the pain. My GP referred me to a Consultant who would only recommend a steroid injection with no guarantee that it would last very long. I was not happy with this and decided to try what I considered a natural therapy, I was not disappointed. I booked a course (6 sessions) of treatment with Rachael (Pensioner’s rates too) and it has absolutely sorted my problem out completely. No more pain or stiffness. I am so grateful, Rachael is a lovely gentle lady who listens to what you say and cares about what she does. I send her only very good wishes.”


“I came to Rachael for relaxation as I am juggling several things at the moment and for a shoulder problem. I am a yoga teacher and understand the concepts of meridians, yet I was still slightly sceptical. It is quite difficult to articulate just how profoundly Rachael’s acupuncture has affected me. I get on well with Rachael, she is lovely, warm and engaging. We chat. However, once she starts to place those wonderful needles into me, my desire to talk disappears. When I do try to talk my tongue doesn’t work. Rachael is also intuitive, she reacts to my muteness by not talking to me. She switches a switch for me and my whole body responds by letting go and completely relaxing. Earlier tonight I had the fifth of a six session course. Wow. Acupuncture has proven to give me a deep relaxation/meditation. Even though I’ve been meditation regularly for 3 years I’ve never felt this depths that acupuncture has given me. Tonight I Was completely lost in time. I came around and I didn’t know if five or fifty minutes had passed! I feel that acupuncture is giving me a tool box to help me deal with the major stresses I’m going through at the moment. Also, Rachael is a lovely lady and amazing at what she does. My shoulder problem has also improved dramatically. I highly recommend Rachael and acupuncture, it has all been a real surprise to me. Even if you don’t have any problems that need solving try it anyway, it’s glorious!”


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